AWANA同工分享GLS15的总结5C信息:《Expanding Your Leadership Capacity》


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Ephesians 3:20-21 
20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

以弗所書 3:20 神能照着运行在我们心里的大力充充足足地成就一切,超过我们所求所想的。 21但愿他在教会中,并在基督耶稣里,得着荣耀,直到世世代代,永永远远。阿们!

  •   Holding my breath under water for 1 minute. “Your brain does not know what you’re of.”
  •   There is way more in me than I ever understood.
  •   If you want to increase what you do, increase your capacity.
  •   To manage a family of 6 kids, we have to manage differently than a family with 2 kids.
  •   As your organization grows, your mindset has to change.
  •   If you don’t change the way you lead, you will become the lid to yourorganization.
  •   What got you here will not get you there.
  •   Five Cs to expand your leadership capacity:
  •   Choose one to work one. If you choose three, you won’t do anything. Choose one.

1. Build your confidence. 建立信心

  •   Someone is consistently speaking the language of the lid.
  •   “There is not hours in the day. I can’t get it done.”
  •   Change your self-talk.
  •   David encouraged himself in the Lord.
  •   Take one step forward.
  •   I was rejected for ordination and I was devastated. I heard a voice, “You are not who others say you are. You are who I say you are.”
  •   If He has called you, step through your fear and build your confidence.

2. Expand your connections. 擴展關係

  •   If you show me who you listen to, I’ll show you who you’re becoming.
  •   There is one person, one relationship that changed how we do ministry.
  •   You don’t need to know people now. You can learn from legendary genius. Don’tcopy what they do; learn how think.
  •   You may be one relationship away from changing your destiny.

3. Improve your competence. 增進能力

  •   You may not know the area that needs to improve, but everyone else knows.
  •   Where specifically do you need to improve?
  •   Some of you need to improve: your communication, your listening, delegating, giving feedback, receiving feedback, work ethic, hiring/recruiting, firing, casting vision, how we run meetings,

4. Strengthen your character. 操練品格

  •   Talent can get you to the top, but only your character can keep you there.
  •   If your character is not strengthening, your character is weakening.
  •   Check your life for leaks.
  •   Is there something in your private life that will hurt your public life.
  •   Why would I want to resist a temptation tomorrow that I can eliminate today?
  •   You are only as strong as you are honest.

 If you could have gotten out of it, you already would have.

5. Increase your commitment. 更深委身

  •   Here’s an example: I changed my diet drastically.
  •   Quit kinda-sort of doing something. Do it.
  •   Get out debt.
  •   We will not stop until our marriage honors God and blesses generations to come. It is the top priority of our lives.
  •   The next generation is not the church of tomorrow. They are today.
  •   We are not spiritual consumers; we’re contributors.
  •   We will do anything short of sin to reach people far from God.
  •   There is more in you. Your brain does not understand what God is capable of doing through you.
  •   How bad you want something determines what you will do in order to get it?
  •   Everyone wins when leaders get better.
  •   What is your one thing?