IT读后感2: Unmistakable Camaraderie

Unmistakable Camaraderie 可以翻译为“明確的團隊間的友愛和忠誠”。 在11月20日的长执会上,颜牧师牧师根据《Lead like IT matters》里面《Unmistakable Camaraderie》章节的阅读,给长执同工们做了精彩的分享。


  • Do you share refrigerator rights to your team?
  • In your team people called each other nicknameor regular name?


  • We all need a team with strong camaraderie
  • Even our God has a team: Trinity God
  • A person working with you is more than 3 persons working for you.
  • A boss as your friend boosted working satisfaction 2.5 times.
  • Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a process; working together is a success.


19 这样,你们不再做外人和客旅,是与圣徒同国,是神家里的人了。 20 并且被建造在使徒和先知的根基上,有基督耶稣自己为房角石, 21 各房靠他联络得合式,渐渐成为主的圣殿。



  • Understanding the big picture – mission or goal of the ministry
  • Having fun together – a team with humor, fun…
  • Getting naked together – Be transparent to each other
  • Celebrating wins – anniversary, birthday, completion of a project
  • Fighting hard behind the closed door – Fight together privately, Stand together publicly.